How we can Help?

Sometimes all you need is to be able to access a manual or to log into online Help. In order to train Staff you may need to be able to reference and provide access to a Training Videos or request a Webinar with our Staff. If the issue is complex or one involving SQL commands you may need to send us a quick email or give us a call. There may be cases where you need us to create reports or labels or you may request new features. Please see our Help options below.

By Tel, Email and Post

Our regular hours are 9-4pm PST but our staff are often in beyond normal hours. Tel: 1-800-661-7112 Email is often the quickest and most effective method of contacting us.

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  • Upgrades

    Our upgrading process is continuous, we create new versions every 3 to 5 years but we create new Builds every few weeks. We average 22 to 30 Builds per year.

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  • Training Videos

    New Videos include "Sharing and Permissions", Weeding Items", "Wizard Report Creation", "Setting up Automatic Emails" and "Entering Items, Printing Labels".

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  • Tutorials

    Available Online, by DVD and by downloadable PDF's.

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  • Help Sites and Documentation

    Help can be accessed directly from the application as well as by Online Help, Training Video Site (also available on DVD), Online Tutorials (also by download) and Manual.

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  • Webinar

    Drop in to our Friday afternoon Webinars to see demonstrations.

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  • Solutions for great Libraries!