Most common Labels and Protectors, see Q&A below pricing.


Label Protectors


Cost per 1000 Labels.

Perfect for paper Labels

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Barcode Labels


Cost per 1000 Labels.

  • Min order 3000 Labels
  • Up to 32 characters Printed
  • Label proctectors not needed
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Spine Labels varied sizes


Cost per 100 sheets 56 Labels per sheet

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Questions & Answers about Labels

Do I need to buy your Labels?

No, you can purchase Labels from any library supplier or office supply store.

How would I print my own Labels?

Both LiBRARYSOFT and LiBRARYSOFTWeB can print Labels the pulldowns allow you to select the Label format.

Can I change the Label layout?

Yes the design screen allows you to choose different fields and change the appearance of the Labels.

Can I create entirely new Labels?

Yes, the Custom Report Generator can be used to create entirely new Labels.

What formats can I print to?

You can print directly or send the Label file to a rtf file that can be read by Word, Wordpad or Notepad.

What about Range?

You can select over most fields and even choose the Order that the Labels should appear by.

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